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Welcome to Golden Dragons' website.

We are a guild,  based on fun, helping and friendship. We don't raid, but we focus on dungeons, heroics and questing. The aim of the guild is to build a friendly group of players who enjoy having a laugh, playing together and running social activities.

Have fun in-game ;)

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Rules goldenlions 6/4/2010 7:31 AM
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Dungeon and heroic

goldenlions, Jun 5, 10 5:20 PM.

Now you don't worry about spamming guild chat to farm an instance, just ask for it in "Dungeon and Heroic" on the website. 
It's simple, click on Add Need and say what you need help with, maybe a boost or an item drop.
Then people can see if they need to go there too, or just offer to help out.

Come on click NEED!

Medals and achievements

goldenlions, Jun 4, 10 6:38 PM.
Medals and achievements have been added to the guild. Medals can be awarded for actions in and out of game, achievements are earned based on web site activity.
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